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History of vinyl

High quality rigid vinyl (polyvinylchloride) has been used for decades. There are claims that the first vinyl water pipe was installed in Germany in the 1930's and is still in use today. One of our suppliers has been extruding vinyl in the United States since the late 1950's.

The key elements to good vinyl building products are high quality materials and top quality ultraviolet (UV) stabilization.

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Other materials

There are also many other good alternatives available now, including aluminum, composites, and various polymers. There are many important things to consider when choosing alternative products for your project. Again, ultraviolet (UV) Stabilization is among the most important. Good weatherability helps maintain a nice clean look. The microingredients used in the extrusion must be high quality.

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An important part of good quality building materials is the design. The design can affect the longevity, looks, and strength of the finish product. Our staff is keenly aware of this, and has the experience to make the right decisions when it comes to design. This is why our consultants ask many questions during the meeting.

The Problem with Wood

Wood is a great building material. There are many advantages to using wood, and many great places where it is appropriate to use wood. However, especially when constantly exposed to the weather, wood becomes a real maintenance issue. It must be protected from the sun, moisture, insects, dry rot fungus, and the extremes of temperature that cause wood to deteriorate.

Today's wood versus the wood of yesteryear.

Unfortunately, most of the wood available to us today is not the same quality as wood we used even 20 years ago. There is very little old growth timber available today. Old growth trees grew naturally with natures' rain and natural fertilizers gathered over hundreds and thousands of years. Unfortunately, most of that is gone or off limits to timber producers.

Now most of our trees are grown specifically to supply the building industry, and as such, they are grown more quickly and harvested more often. The fact that this is a sustainable practice is very good. The problem however, is that new growth timber is less dense, and less stable than old growth timber, its' growth rings larger and farther apart, which means it is less durable when exposed to the elements. Where this lumber is used and not exposed, this is quite acceptable, and compensated for by good building standards. Where the new growth material is exposed, this means the lumber will not last as long as old growth, and will require more cycles of maintenance and replacement.

Unlike wood, Vinyl Concepts products require no harmful chemical treatments, no VOC laden paints or stains, and their long life means lower cycles of productions, transportation, and distribution, conserving energy and reducing pollution.

Ask for SunSmart® by name.

Unlike other companies who may use thinner or smaller profiles, having inferior UV stabilization or impure reground fillers, Vinyl Concepts uses Sun-Smart® profiles.

The proprietary Sun-Smart® formulation from Vinyl Concepts is designed for the hot, harsh desert climate of the southwestern United States. With the highest levels of top quality UV stabilizers and and other microingredients, Sun-Smart® by Vinyl Concepts is the finest product available for your project.

Natural Line® is our line of fencing products designed to more closely imitate natural products like wood and stone.


Like our neighbors, we care strongly about our environment and we have several programs designed to reduce our carbon footprint and those of our customers.

Our products do a good job meeting the challenges of today's "green" building specifications. Link to Facts and Info.

Product advantages

  • Long Life Cycle
  • No Poison
  • No Chemicals
  • No VOC
  • Fully Recyclable

    Our products long life means fewer cycles of production, transportation, distribution, installation, and maintenance - conserving energy and reducing overall pollution.

    Our products require no poisonous chemical treatments on posts and rails.

    They do not require Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) laden paints or stains to maintain its beauty.

    Our products start our looking good, and stay looking good, while other products may look shabby between regular prep and finish maintenance.

    Our facilities have been outfitted with energy saving lighting and equipment.

    We recycle (link to recycling picture) over 2 tons of scrap vinyl material every month. That is the equivalent of 1000 lineal feet of fencing being kept out of the landfills. All of this material is reground into material that is used to make brand new building materials

    Unlike wood, Vinyl Concepts products require no harmful chemical treatments, no VOC laden paints or stains, and their long life means lower cycles of productions, transportation, and distribution, conserving energy and reducing pollution.

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